On a leash

Spot the weasel

Justus hoodriding

I remember when Immu and Justus were little, they hated leash and it was a bit of a struggle to take them outside. Immu walks better on a leash but Justus only likes to go out when it’s dark and no birds are heard or seen.

And Justus loves to ride in a hood, so it’s more of a walk for me than for him. For example last time we went outside with Justus he was hiding in Zammu’s hood. It’s funny looking and I don’t mind him doing that, but sometimes you would just want him to walk normally and not try to get into the hood. After all that’s not the way you make your ferret to be tired when you get home…

Such a dilemma… :D


Outside with my pethuman.

Now Immu and Kiivi are great outside, they have a lot of energy to burn (though I sometimes wonder if they get more energy from the walks because they start their rampage back at home…) and leash doesn’t bother them that much.

And Kiivi is a chickmagnet…. everytime I leave Zammu and Kiivi at the park on their own to go to the store, they are surrounded by women when I come back. :D ohwell…

Also everytime we go outside we have to answer at least a dosen questions of: “What are those?!””What do they eat?””What kind of pets are they?””How do they sleep?””Do they bite?”

It is fun most of the times, but usually I prefer going outside when it’s dark and not that many people on the move.

Kiivi on a leash

Kiivi on a leash

Kiivi hates cars and especially everything on wheels. Bikes and motorcycles are the worst. So that’s why we try to avoid busy roads and just go to the small parks. I have taught all of my ferrets to come to my lap if they ever feel tired/scared/want to see the world from above. So every five minutes someone is trying to get to my lap… I guess I have spoiled them… :D hups..

Happy Weasel Wednesday to everyone!!


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