Grooming Day

The ferret show I was talking about last month is on saturday. So the boys will be getting their monthly groom (which they do not enjoy at all)… I started the operation yesterday with the nailclippers and cotton swabs. Of course NutriPlus gel was present the whole time. :)

Grooming Day

Grooming Day feat. Justus, Immu and NutriPlus.

As you can see from the pic they are hoarding the gel like there is no tomorrow.

Immu is our dirty paw. The others groom themselves and keep their paws pretty and clean, but not Immu. I bet he is thinking “Why should I clean my paws. My pethumans will do that for me eventually.”

Today or tomorrow I will clean their ears, today I will bath and brush them (which they hate! Brushes are their worst enemies.. dunno why..) And at saturday we will be leaving at 5:00-6:00 am to the Lempäälä where the show is. So exciting!! Actually I have a lot of mixed feelings but it’s so much fun to meet other ferret owners that I don’t care about anything else.. Ranking probably won’t be that good but at least it is an experience.
Root for us!



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