How I Met The Ferrets

Hello, I’m the second pet human our ferrets own! So far I’ve only been featured in some of the photos here but I figured it’s about time I wrote something also, so here goes!

My first ferret encounter was actually when I started dating Qevna. I had heard of ferrets before but I had never actually seen one live, let alone held one and there I was: dating a chick with two (at the time) carpet sharks with sharp teeth and a lust for my blood.

Qevna made it clear right away that if we were going to become something, I would have to get along with the ferrets. Her approach to the problem was very direct and practical: she basically just dumped the ferrets at my place and told us to learn how to get along with each other. I had no choice but to get crackin’ and try to win them over with my charming personality…

…which didn’t really work out all that well. Justus was actually pretty easy to win over. He bit me maybe a total of two times and some light scruffing when he got over-aggressive worked really well for him. We became friends fast and he even sometimes came to my lap for some snuggles and scratches on his own volition. Immu, on the other hand, was the harder to befriend. I don’t know if it was jealousy over Qevnas attention, some kind of an alpha male thing or what, but he was very, very aggressive with me in the beginning. Every morning started with some furious toe biting action and not just some nibbling but full force I’m-going-to-turn-your-toes-into-minced-meat-human carnage. He always drew blood and my hands and toes were full of bite marks all the time. Luckily I managed to dodge any infections in the bite-wounds. Too bad I don’t have photos of those times, it was really pretty bad.

The Evil One
This guy…

So me and Immu had a “bit” of a rocky start in the beginning. We tried everything to get rid of the biting. Scruffing was doing nothing. It seemed that Immu just took that as a further challenge and bit down even harder. In the end I guess it was just time and treats that did the trick. Any time he just snooped around my toes without actually giving me any tooth I rewarded him with a little treat. It took about two to three months for the biting to stop completely (well, not really completely, he still gives me a nip every now and then but it’s mostly my own fault for being an ass) but finally it did. He actually still sometimes gives me a little nudge on the toes with his nose and looks up expecting a treat or two for being such a good boy and not butchering my toes. I still never let him near my face (Immu managed to tag me on my nose once) and I’m always on my guard when handling him but we are coming along pretty nicely!

Me trying to eat Immu for a change.

Even after all the biting and traumatic episodes of ferret vs. man, when Qevna started talking about getting a third ferret I was on board right away. And I am so glad I was! Kiivi is such a sweetheart: she just loves to snuggle and climbs on top of people for scratches and attention. She never really bit me that much even in the beginning and nowadays she’s actually more after Qevnas toes than mine, which is a nice change of pace in this household.

Hiding in a bag

Kiivi, our youngest little woozel.

So that’s how I got to know these lovely little fuzzbutts! It was a rough time in the beginning but I can’t imagine life without them anymore. So for anyone dating a ferret owner or struggling with a new ferret that is a bit bitey: Hang on, the pain will only be passing and you should survive the process! It might take some time, but give them enough loving and yummy treats and you will win them over eventually.


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