Silky and fuzzy, how we love winter


Can you see my winter coat? Justus showing off..

How can anyone hate ferrets? Their wintercoat is the best thing I know in this world! It is the softest and silkiest thing on earth!! Okay, I may exaggerate a bit but you have to try it! And Immu is a lot whiter too! Wishing that the show would have been now rather than a month ago. :/

This morning I almost ran late from work because Immu didn’t want me to go out. He was the only one up at 8 am when I usually get up.. (8:15 am to be truthful) and he was scurring at my feet and trying to climb up my jeans. When I opened entry way’s door he ran right at it, head first.. “Kops!” “Do these things have eyes? Or any sense of space?” And I got a wardance to answer this… Had to go to work…

Immu and Kiivi are getting along pretty great now. They sleep together a lot though Kiivi still doesn’t want Immu to clean her. The yelling starts everytime. But it has changed a bit. At least now they can touch each other without Kiivi freaking out. Justus is a bit of a questionmark still. Slowly but surely. :)

Kiivi and Immu sleeping together

Kiivi and Immu sleeping together.

Sweet dreams!



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