Breaking the silence…

Hey people!

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, not a lot has been happening lately, ferret-wise, in our household and other matters have distracted us both so that we nearly forgot about sharing the newest ferret stuff! Shame on us. Well, mainly me, since I’ve been bugged to update for about a month now and I FINALLY got off my lazy butt to write you some stuff!

The most important development in our little ferret business is that Kiivi and the boys are really hitting it off nowadays! It took a few months but now they’re snuggling and sleeping together regularly and sometimes even cleaning each other up! It’s so nice to finally not having to keep them separated during nights and times when both of us are out of the house in fright of the boys roughing Kiivi up too much. Somewhat surprisingly Kiivi and Immu seem to be the best of buddies, they sleep next to each other almost daily and get along great. Justus and Kiivi still aren’t exactly BFF’s but at least they tolerate each other better now. Kiivi doesn’t like when Justus comes near her but if it’s Kiivi who initiates the contact, then they’re usually ok with being close to each other. Weird lil’ fuzzbutts!

Kiivi and Immu

Kiivi and Immu snuggling.

On other news we have made some adjustments to our ferrets’ diet as per to the feedback from the judges at the ferret show we attended this autumn. The boys got fairly good points on every category but the one thing that they lost some points for and that we could easily remedy was that their fur was a bit on the dry side, nothing major, and only one point out of ten was deducted because of it. To address the issue we started feeding our ferrets a little more chicken fat and flax seed oil and the results started showing in a few weeks time. Their fur is now in excellent condition and the additional fat in their diet combined with the coming of winter is also really showing in the extra body mass they have all gathered. So take care that your fuzzies are getting enough fat in their diet!


Immu is the biggest of our ferret business at nearly 1.9kg’s/4.2lbs. Up about 200g/0.4lbs from his summer weight.

The weather in Finland took a very sudden turn when the unusually warm autumn turned into full-on winter with heaps of snow and freezing cold weather over just a few nights a couple of weeks back. The ferrets are clearly a bit puzzled about all this when we’re out with them. The boys have seen snow before but Kiivi got her first touch with the strange cold, white stuff outside and was clearly having a lot of fun in it before she decided that her royal ferret princess paws are getting frozen off and climbed up Qevna’s leg to warm herself up.


Kiivi’s first touch with snow and ice. Looks like she’s taking an epic faceplant in this one.


Hold me, mommy! It’s too cold for my lil’ paws!


Even Immu thought running around in the snow and ice was a bit too much and decided to climb up to safety.

So that’s about it for now! In my next update I will be discussing our ferrets’ raw food diet and how it is working out for us.

Until next time! Hopefully it won’t be another month before I get to updating the blog again ;)

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  1. I had no idea that they had ferret shows! What a great idea! I wonder if I ate more flaxseed and chicken fat if my hair would look better??? LOL! Great Blog!


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