Ferrets are playful creatures but you don’t really need any fancy toys to keep them active and intrested. Best thing ever is a normal plastic bag, one could hide in there or keep it as a food storage.. go figure.. :D

Our ferrets each plays with different things but they do have a couple of things in common. They all love things to chase. For example in these following videoclips you can see Immu and Kiivi playing with their new chase toy.

Jan 5, 2013 | Kiivi and Immu playing part 1 #ferret #fretti by Qevna on

Jan 5, 2013 | Kiivi and Immu playing part 2 #ferret #fretti by Qevna on

Kiivi isn’t really interested about squeegee toys (she is more into hiding food than anything else) but Justus loves them (at least that’s what we think). He comes always from hiding to see what’s happening when you use anything squueegy. And then Justus takes the toy and hides it. So can you tell me if he hates or loves the sound???!! Oh and Justus likes to dig. In anything… small hard pasta, rice, snow, gravel… fabric…etc…

Immu likes everything really, he likes squeegee toys and chasing things and wrestling games.. He is easy to amuse. Hardest part is to keep the ferrets awake so that they would sleep the night and not be so active when we are sleeping.

And of course outside is always fun.. for example watch these videoclips of Immu digging in snow…

Dec 6, 2012 | Immu chilling out at snow #ferret #fretti #snow by Qevna on

Dec 6, 2012 | Immu at snow part 2 #ferret #fretti #snow by Qevna on

Also we have used clicker training on Immu to actived his brains (if that’s possible..) and with him we have got some positive results.

Here is step-by-step guide to our fun ferret clicker game

Clicker training part 1

Clicker training part 1

Step 1: Get a clicker. There’s tons of different clickers meant for dog training, just pick one that you like.

Step 2: You first have to “charge” the clicker so it actually has some meaning to your ferrets. Get some treats, we use Nutriplus vitamin gel, I’m sure you guys have something similar, the clicker and the ferret. Make a click and immediately after that reward them with something yummie. This might take a while, even a few sessions, but slowly you’ll notice how they start to stare at the clicker in anticipation of the click and the treat. Now you’ll know they’ve got it figured out. You can do just this for a minute at a time at first and stop immediately when the ferret loses interest. It’s meant to be fun, not a chore.

Clicker training part 2

Clicker training part 2

Step 3: Once you’ve “charged” the clicker you probably never have to do it again if you use it actively. Now the game starts by placing a object that has no meaning to the ferrets (no toys or other stuff they would already be interested in), in this example I use an old tube of body lotion that was lying around. Clothes, remote controls, whatever work just fine. Wait with the clicker and treats for the ferret to investigate what’s going on. She will probably try and get the treat but don’t give any yet. When she even looks at the object make a click and immediately reward it. It’s fun to see how they start working out when they actually get the treat and the dawning of the realisation that ‘hey, when I poke this thing with my nose, I ALWAYS get a treat!’

Step 4: After a few minutes or immediately after they lose interest stop the game by giving some treats and scratches and telling what a great ferret she is. Fun times for all and for a change the ferret actually used her little brain for something else than figuring out what to destroy next ;)


Make sure you reward EVERY click you make, even if it was an accident! It’s important especially in the beginning so they associate the treat and the click with each other.

And if you wait too long between the click and the reward they’ll already forget what they’re being rewarded for. So be fast, it has to happen in seconds!



Hey people!

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, not a lot has been happening lately, ferret-wise, in our household and other matters have distracted us both so that we nearly forgot about sharing the newest ferret stuff! Shame on us. Well, mainly me, since I’ve been bugged to update for about a month now and I FINALLY got off my lazy butt to write you some stuff!

The most important development in our little ferret business is that Kiivi and the boys are really hitting it off nowadays! It took a few months but now they’re snuggling and sleeping together regularly and sometimes even cleaning each other up! It’s so nice to finally not having to keep them separated during nights and times when both of us are out of the house in fright of the boys roughing Kiivi up too much. Somewhat surprisingly Kiivi and Immu seem to be the best of buddies, they sleep next to each other almost daily and get along great. Justus and Kiivi still aren’t exactly BFF’s but at least they tolerate each other better now. Kiivi doesn’t like when Justus comes near her but if it’s Kiivi who initiates the contact, then they’re usually ok with being close to each other. Weird lil’ fuzzbutts!

Kiivi and Immu

Kiivi and Immu snuggling.

On other news we have made some adjustments to our ferrets’ diet as per to the feedback from the judges at the ferret show we attended this autumn. The boys got fairly good points on every category but the one thing that they lost some points for and that we could easily remedy was that their fur was a bit on the dry side, nothing major, and only one point out of ten was deducted because of it. To address the issue we started feeding our ferrets a little more chicken fat and flax seed oil and the results started showing in a few weeks time. Their fur is now in excellent condition and the additional fat in their diet combined with the coming of winter is also really showing in the extra body mass they have all gathered. So take care that your fuzzies are getting enough fat in their diet!


Immu is the biggest of our ferret business at nearly 1.9kg’s/4.2lbs. Up about 200g/0.4lbs from his summer weight.

The weather in Finland took a very sudden turn when the unusually warm autumn turned into full-on winter with heaps of snow and freezing cold weather over just a few nights a couple of weeks back. The ferrets are clearly a bit puzzled about all this when we’re out with them. The boys have seen snow before but Kiivi got her first touch with the strange cold, white stuff outside and was clearly having a lot of fun in it before she decided that her royal ferret princess paws are getting frozen off and climbed up Qevna’s leg to warm herself up.


Kiivi’s first touch with snow and ice. Looks like she’s taking an epic faceplant in this one.


Hold me, mommy! It’s too cold for my lil’ paws!


Even Immu thought running around in the snow and ice was a bit too much and decided to climb up to safety.

So that’s about it for now! In my next update I will be discussing our ferrets’ raw food diet and how it is working out for us.

Until next time! Hopefully it won’t be another month before I get to updating the blog again ;)


Can you see my winter coat? Justus showing off..

How can anyone hate ferrets? Their wintercoat is the best thing I know in this world! It is the softest and silkiest thing on earth!! Okay, I may exaggerate a bit but you have to try it! And Immu is a lot whiter too! Wishing that the show would have been now rather than a month ago. :/

This morning I almost ran late from work because Immu didn’t want me to go out. He was the only one up at 8 am when I usually get up.. (8:15 am to be truthful) and he was scurring at my feet and trying to climb up my jeans. When I opened entry way’s door he ran right at it, head first.. “Kops!” “Do these things have eyes? Or any sense of space?” And I got a wardance to answer this… Had to go to work…

Immu and Kiivi are getting along pretty great now. They sleep together a lot though Kiivi still doesn’t want Immu to clean her. The yelling starts everytime. But it has changed a bit. At least now they can touch each other without Kiivi freaking out. Justus is a bit of a questionmark still. Slowly but surely. :)

Kiivi and Immu sleeping together

Kiivi and Immu sleeping together.

Sweet dreams!


Hello, I’m the second pet human our ferrets own! So far I’ve only been featured in some of the photos here but I figured it’s about time I wrote something also, so here goes!

My first ferret encounter was actually when I started dating Qevna. I had heard of ferrets before but I had never actually seen one live, let alone held one and there I was: dating a chick with two (at the time) carpet sharks with sharp teeth and a lust for my blood.

Qevna made it clear right away that if we were going to become something, I would have to get along with the ferrets. Her approach to the problem was very direct and practical: she basically just dumped the ferrets at my place and told us to learn how to get along with each other. I had no choice but to get crackin’ and try to win them over with my charming personality…

…which didn’t really work out all that well. Justus was actually pretty easy to win over. He bit me maybe a total of two times and some light scruffing when he got over-aggressive worked really well for him. We became friends fast and he even sometimes came to my lap for some snuggles and scratches on his own volition. Immu, on the other hand, was the harder to befriend. I don’t know if it was jealousy over Qevnas attention, some kind of an alpha male thing or what, but he was very, very aggressive with me in the beginning. Every morning started with some furious toe biting action and not just some nibbling but full force I’m-going-to-turn-your-toes-into-minced-meat-human carnage. He always drew blood and my hands and toes were full of bite marks all the time. Luckily I managed to dodge any infections in the bite-wounds. Too bad I don’t have photos of those times, it was really pretty bad.

The Evil One
This guy…

So me and Immu had a “bit” of a rocky start in the beginning. We tried everything to get rid of the biting. Scruffing was doing nothing. It seemed that Immu just took that as a further challenge and bit down even harder. In the end I guess it was just time and treats that did the trick. Any time he just snooped around my toes without actually giving me any tooth I rewarded him with a little treat. It took about two to three months for the biting to stop completely (well, not really completely, he still gives me a nip every now and then but it’s mostly my own fault for being an ass) but finally it did. He actually still sometimes gives me a little nudge on the toes with his nose and looks up expecting a treat or two for being such a good boy and not butchering my toes. I still never let him near my face (Immu managed to tag me on my nose once) and I’m always on my guard when handling him but we are coming along pretty nicely!

Me trying to eat Immu for a change.

Even after all the biting and traumatic episodes of ferret vs. man, when Qevna started talking about getting a third ferret I was on board right away. And I am so glad I was! Kiivi is such a sweetheart: she just loves to snuggle and climbs on top of people for scratches and attention. She never really bit me that much even in the beginning and nowadays she’s actually more after Qevnas toes than mine, which is a nice change of pace in this household.

Hiding in a bag

Kiivi, our youngest little woozel.

So that’s how I got to know these lovely little fuzzbutts! It was a rough time in the beginning but I can’t imagine life without them anymore. So for anyone dating a ferret owner or struggling with a new ferret that is a bit bitey: Hang on, the pain will only be passing and you should survive the process! It might take some time, but give them enough loving and yummy treats and you will win them over eventually.

Spot the weasel

Justus hoodriding

I remember when Immu and Justus were little, they hated leash and it was a bit of a struggle to take them outside. Immu walks better on a leash but Justus only likes to go out when it’s dark and no birds are heard or seen.

And Justus loves to ride in a hood, so it’s more of a walk for me than for him. For example last time we went outside with Justus he was hiding in Zammu’s hood. It’s funny looking and I don’t mind him doing that, but sometimes you would just want him to walk normally and not try to get into the hood. After all that’s not the way you make your ferret to be tired when you get home…

Such a dilemma… :D


Outside with my pethuman.

Now Immu and Kiivi are great outside, they have a lot of energy to burn (though I sometimes wonder if they get more energy from the walks because they start their rampage back at home…) and leash doesn’t bother them that much.

And Kiivi is a chickmagnet…. everytime I leave Zammu and Kiivi at the park on their own to go to the store, they are surrounded by women when I come back. :D ohwell…

Also everytime we go outside we have to answer at least a dosen questions of: “What are those?!””What do they eat?””What kind of pets are they?””How do they sleep?””Do they bite?”

It is fun most of the times, but usually I prefer going outside when it’s dark and not that many people on the move.

Kiivi on a leash

Kiivi on a leash

Kiivi hates cars and especially everything on wheels. Bikes and motorcycles are the worst. So that’s why we try to avoid busy roads and just go to the small parks. I have taught all of my ferrets to come to my lap if they ever feel tired/scared/want to see the world from above. So every five minutes someone is trying to get to my lap… I guess I have spoiled them… :D hups..

Happy Weasel Wednesday to everyone!!

We are ready to take on the world! Three ferrets and two happy owners to cause mayhem! Photos and updates of our lives to be uploaded so if you are a ferretlover, be sure to follow. Each of our ferrets gets their own about-page so you can choose your favorite fuzzybutt to like.

Justus is our oldest ferret and the cranky one. Always lollygagging around and sighing when he doesn’t get his way.

Justus napping

Justus lollygagging.

Immu is our middle man, the boss. The one that causes the stir. One with the teeth and the taste for the guests. Very strong and yet the mommy’s boy.

This way

Immu on the leash

Kiivi is the youngest and the only girl in the pack. She loves to cuddle and be around the people. A little rascal, sure… but she’s young.

Kiivi relaxing

Kiivi napping on the couch

So everyone is a bit different and that means only problems and interesting situations. But hey, that’s how we roll..

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