Last week we went to the vet with our boys to get our annual vaccinations. Well, the whole vaccination thing didn’t start well… A month before I had booked the vaccination time for our local vet. I was sure that everything was going to go well and we went to the vet like I had booked it. Firstly, we had to wait 45 minutes before veterian came to us and she started her speech like this: “HAVE YOU ORDERED THE VACCINATIONS?!”

Excuse me?! We had to order them? I booked this visit so I didn’t have a clue that I had to order the vaccinations separately. I thought it was granted that THEY got the medicines and I just brought the animals… Well.. she apologiced that they hadn’t been clear enough  on the phone and didn’t call me to make sure that I actually wanted the vaccinations (DUH!). I do understand why they had to make sure, because I was the only one having them this time, so I had to pay for 5 vaccinations even though I only needed two of them. Here in Finland we only have one dealer that have the license to sell those vaccinations and they came in pack of 5.

So I had to book another time and that was last week. Finally boys would get the shots and the parasite evictions for the show. Immu was very calm and didn’t even twich when the veterian gave the vaccionation, the parasite eviction was a bit uncomfortable as it was watery and I know how well they go with water… :D

Justus tried to bite the vet and didn’t want to stay still and whined as he got the shot. Eviction was even worse.. Luckily they didn’t try to lick themselves so we were able to take them home in the same box.

But as a summary, now I have three spare vaccionations that I had to pay for. Luckily I do have three ferrets that needs them next year, but I need to remember that I have to use them during July. 13.7.2013 to be exact. But still it was pretty expensive trip. Next year it will be something like 70-80 euros for all of them… This time 210 euros for two..That included the vaccionations, the treatments and evictions. We got 19 euros discount because they didn’t call us the first time.. :/ Oh well.. Animals are expensive…

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